Vashon Island has been a summertime relaxation destination for thousands of years. Before Europeans came to Vashon, the Suquamish People would visit Manzanita Beach, which they called Tsugwallat, and enjoy the sun, sand and incredible food, both fished and foraged.

Nowadays, Vashon Island remains an idyllic refuge from the intensity of the city where you case relax your senses.

To help you plan to get the most out of your visit to Vashon Island, below we offer a list of some Vashon businesses and entertainment that are commonly enjoyed by marijuana enthusiasts.


The only legal marijuana access point on Vashon is Island Cure Collective.  The shop specializes in strains grown on Vashon Island including many strains available nowhere else.  They carry flowers, concentrates, tinctures and edibles.  You can also buy bags of exceptional growing soil by famous 4-Corners Organics. You'll need a WA medical authorization. 17917 Vashon Highway 206-463-0642 Website

One of the premier entertainment locations on the island is BARC. This Vashon Park has a fabulous disc golf course, an indoor skate park, an outdoor beach volleyball court and BMX Trails.  This is all free and open to the public from dawn to dusk.

If your heart is yearning for beach, stop by KVI Beach for one of the most beautiful locations on the island. This public beach has fantastic water views and occasional Orca sightings.  It is partially a salt marsh which attracts many birds and other animals.  The marsh tidepools are filled with hermit crabs, shrimp, and other small lifeforms that can fascinate children and adults alike for hours at a time. Website

Heather Brynn is warm and optimistic.  She has been practicing real estate on Vashon since 1997 and her family has been on the island for 35 years.  Her long experience on Vashon means both home buyers and sellers benefit from Heather's experienced guidance through what are uniquely rural and often complicated property issues.  206-979-4192 or Website