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An Open Letter from EdiPure to Vashon Island

This morning we received a press release from VIMEA member Bakkhos Holding/EdiPure and we are reprinting it here so it is available to the public directly.


An open letter to Vashon Island:

We at BAKKHOS Holding llc, the makers of EdiPure products, found on Vashon Island what we believe to be the best opportunity to become part of a vibrant community, where our values match those of the people who will become our neighbors. Our vision to expand our operations as leaders of our industry begins with becoming a member of the community of Vashon Island, through a commitment to service, employment, and preserving the identity of the Island and protecting the environment and precious resources of the Island.

To achieve that goal, we understand that becoming good neighbors and stewards of the Island means hearing the concerns of Island residents, and acting in the best interests of the community while building our new business in a new marketplace.

Our commitment to Vashon Island is to ensure that our operations do not interfere with the community, but instead enhance the lives of Vashon residents, through economic, environmental, and community improvements by our presence as part of the Island.

We commit to hiring Vashon Islanders first for all of our needs, whether working with us directly as employees in our facility, or as contractors for our plans to build out the building to suit our needs. We commit to engage with other businesses on the Island to create relationships to provide services for our company needs. We commit to becoming an important part of the business community by continuing our membership with the Vashon Island Chamber of Commerce and the Vashon Island Marijuana Entrepreneurs Alliance.

We commit to being stewards of the Vashon Island environment and our planet by reducing the need for District 19 water through the installation of a catchment system for our cultivation irrigation needs, by immediately reducing the consumption of resources that the building has been known to use for the last five decades, and by continuously considering the environmental impact of our processes through improving and reducing our consumption of natural resources as our company grows.

We commit to the community by partnering with Vashon Island organizations to increase the education of Vashon Island and the state of Washington’s youth to prevent and reduce drug and alcohol use; by creating opportunities for use of portions of the property for

community purposes (if and where state and county laws allow); and through our direct involvement in events that improve the quality of life on Vashon Island.

We have heard the concerns of Vashon Island, and want to ensure the community that your concerns are ours too; we will ensure that the former owners provide us with an environmentally sound property to guarantee EdiPure with a clean start for our new operations, and provide the comfort to Island residents that the company entrusting the property in our hands has protected your interests over the last five decades.

We ask that those of you who are unsure if we are the right company to become stewards of the property consider that we have been open and honest about our intentions, and have provided you with a real look into who we are and what we do. We ask that Vashon Island consider that we want to be your neighbor, an employer of Vashon residents, a steward of the environment, and a real part of the community.

We look forward to becoming Vashon residents ourselves, and hope you’ll accept us for who we really are, not who some believe us to be.


BAKKHOS Holding llc. Makers of EdiPure Products

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Use Rainwater to Grow your Plants!

Today we begin a program of encouraging Vashon Island growers of all sorts of plants to use rainwater instead of water from the aquifer.  In most cases, the pH of our water table is sub-optimum for plants and this is especially so for marijuana.  The godfather of marijuana cultivation, Ed Rosenthal teaches that optimum pH for cannabis is 6.3 to 6.8 with a total hardness of 125-150ppm. The Vashon aquifer is 7.8 to 8.2 and 300ppm with some slight seasonal changes.  This is simply more reason to use a rainwater catchment system to water your plants year-round instead of using the tap.

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