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Shango Los testifies in front of WSLCB


VIMEA founder, Shango Los testified in front of the Washington State Liquor Control Board last night regarding challenges to integrating legal marijuana agriculture into the social fabric of our community.  He also pressed the Board and got the ruling rural growers can keep food crops inside the security fence with the pot because as farmers we know that an 8 foot fence isn't security as much as a big deer fence!

Posted on October 9, 2013 and filed under Press Release, Shango Los.

VIMEA Booth opens at Farmer's Market

Shango meets and greets island farmer's market shoppers.

Shango meets and greets island farmer's market shoppers.

VIMEA received an enthusiastic reception by Vashon farmer's market shoppers today.  Surely the sunny and warm weather had a role to play in that.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello.  Based on what I am hearing so far, I think island pot farmers can expect a very positive welcome.  The #1 response I got today was, "It is about time this happened."

Posted on October 5, 2013 and filed under Events, Shango Los, Farm Culture.