Contact a Councilman. Help Get K2 back to Work Now!

Dear Neighbor,

Thanks for your interest in supporting the zoning fix to the Vashon Town Plan that will allow legal marijuana business at K2.

To help get the needed fix made to the Town Plan, now is the time to write a quick note to Councilman Rod Dembowski who Chairs the King County Transportation, Economy and Environment Committee saying that you support the change to Vashon’s Town Plan and to stop the delays in moving forward.  Even better is if you call his office. Definitely do something though. (206-477-1001,

If you want to take another step to influence the outcome of this important event, let our own Councilman Joe McDermott who represents Vashon Island also know that it is time to stop the delays and focus on making the change to the Town Plan so EdiPure can get to business…and hiring.  (206-477-1008,

Make a Call!

Calling a Councilman is an easy thing to do.  The person answering the phone is usually very kind and will take a message for you and give it to the CM. 

Be very nice to them.  They are just at work like anybody is.

“Hi there.  My name is (name) and I am calling from Vashon Island to leave a message for Councilman (Name)

The message is:

1. Now is the time to fast track the changes to the Vashon Town Plan so that marijuana business can be allowed at the former K2 building.

2. The delays to King County coming to a decision are about to derail a deal that is positive for Vashon and will help Vashon thrive.

3.  Do not be overly cautious because you are hearing noises from Vashon agitators.  The vast majority of us on Vashon overwhelmingly voted for marijuana legalization and also want EdiPure on Vashon now.

Did you get all three points?

Thanks for you time and help getting this message to the Councilman.

Have a nice day.”

Send an Email!

If you’d rather send an email or wish to do both, feel free to use the framework below to send an email in your own words. This is the only way that your voice can be heard.  Posting to Facebook or petitions do not exert influence at this part of the legislative process.  That is all theater.

Please, be polite and undramatic. These folks are doing their best to represent us but they have only been hearing from scared folks and agitators. 


King County Councilman, Rod Dembowski, Chair of the Transportation, Economy and Environment Committee

King County Councilman, Joe McDermott

<Points to make in your note.  Put in your own words or adapt these.>

It is essential to immediately fast track the change in our Vashon Town Plan to make way for EdiPure to begin business at the former K2 building.  I support the proposed zoning change to add legal marijuana as an approved use in our Town Plan and the delays and the hesitation by King County in moving forward are about to derail a very positive event for Vashon Island.

The K2 building has been fallow for far too many years and Vashon Island and King County can both use the increase in jobs, investment revenue and tax base.  I recognize that some agitators from the island may cause you to be cautious but now it not the time to delay.  If you do not take action now, EdiPure will be forced to look outside of King County and both Vashon and King County will loose a quality business locating here.

Our State legalized marijuana and our Island voted 78% in favor of it.  Legal marijuana should no longer be seen as a pariah and I wish the Town Plan to reflect this reality as the King County Council intended when it passed the comprehensive marijuana zoning rules.  And I want it to happen now.

Every day is of the essence right now in this quickly moving marketplace.  Now is not the time for King County to get caught up in indecision and hesitation.  I implore you take action today and make any changes necessary to get EdiPure into the K2 building immediately.

Thank you for your attention.


<Name and address>


Posted on March 23, 2014 .