Last gasp for K2 on Vashon Island


EdiPure just let me know that they are being forced off K2.  It seems King County is dragging their heels in giving them a permit for two reasons.  1. King County Council passed a poorly written ordinance that didn’t override the Vashon Town Plan when they intended to which caused the Public Hearing fiasco.  KC is ‘unsure’ when they will take the next step which means they are stalling with indecision because...  2. A small cadre of islanders are bombarding King County with aggressive emails, information requests and vague threats causing them to move even slower.  At this point EdiPure doesn’t even know if/when King County will let them know if they can stay on Vashon.  EdiPure thought they were coming to an island that would welcome them because they would give growers legal jobs and hire a bunch of other folks too for admin, security, driving and packaging and get K2 back to work.  King County’s intentional delay at the behest of a cadre of islanders makes Vashon openly hostile to business and so they must leave to look for opportunities elsewhere.  We have all waited so long for an opportunity like this and now no one is going to want to touch K2.

It does sound like King County is going with the easiest road which at this point is to do nothing and let EdiPure drift away so the emails and calls from agitators on the island stop.  “Whoops, not our fault!” is what King County will say of the delay.  It is all of this delaying that is killing the deal.  EdiPure said they would stay in the mix if they could only get some surety that the proper timeline could be held to so they could get to doing business.  If this burns your griddle like it does mine, there is only one thing to do.  Contact the only two people who matter at this point. #1 Tell Councilman Rod Dembowski (206-477-1001, that you want the delays to stop and to get EdiPure into K2 now.  He’ll figure out how to do it.  He chairs the Transportation, Economy and Environment Committee and is the one who can move this all forward if he wants to.  #2 For goodness sakes call Joe.  Our friend Councilman Joe McDermott is only hearing from the folks trying to derail the sale of K2.  Contact CM McDermott and ask him to fast track what needs to be done to get EdiPure into K2.  (206-477-1008,

It is sad to think that all of the opportunity that comes with EdiPure at K2 could be sunk by a few self-righteous Vashon folks and a lack of visionary government.  Viva Vashon!


Posted on March 21, 2014 .