If you want to see Vashon Island wealthy with new marijuana agriculture income and well fed with local produce from our farms, this is the place to make that happen. We are constantly working to bring our growing communities together, develop best practices, and share our experiences with others who are interested.  All of this work takes time, effort and money.  Not a lot of money, but without donations from folks like you, we can't afford the basics like office supplies, meeting space rentals, web hosting and someone to answer questions by phone. 

Pack our Bowl!

If we were at your place and you found out we were marijuana farm organizers, would you pack a bowl for us?  If you have $5.00 for the cause then click the donate button below and "pack our bowl."  Five bucks may not sound like a lot but when we put them all together they pay the bills.  Our donation tool below makes this super easy.

Everything we love starts as tiny. 

Everything we love starts as tiny. 

Make Marijuana Succeed!

If you can really put your money behind your ideals, for goodness sakes, send us a healthy donation that can help us get things accomplished.  VIMEA moves very quickly and we need to because the legal marijuana market is moving every day towards opening. We are very conservative with our spending and have nearly no overhead.

Create an Institution!

VIMEA is a swift moving, learning organization.  The whole process of marijuana agriculture integration would be a whole lot easier if we didn't have to think so much about fundraising.  If you are the kind of influencer who wants to see it done right and has the resources to make that happen then just send a smoke signal.  Help us now to make sure marijuana agriculture has the best opportunity to succeed in tandem with food crops.

Click the DONATE button below and live by your ideals.

Thank you for participating in American marijuana agriculture!

Shango Los, VIMEA Founder