The VIMEA David Choe auction to raise money for American marijuana agriculture


This is your opportunity to own an authentic David Choe painting.  I am also including the shirt I was wearing at the gallery opening upon which David Choe wrote “DAVE CHOE RUINS SHIRTS” This auction is for both pieces of art.

I purchased this painting by American artist David Choe back in 2006 at BLVD Gallery in Seattle on the opening night if his !Come Me! solo show.  I am selling it now to fund legal American marijuana agriculture.

Good luck finding an original David Choe piece to buy nowadays.  You can find signed prints and pages torn out of collectable books but you need gallery relationships to buy authentic David Choe original paintings and they are priced high.

David Choe is represented by internationally cool gallery Lazarides

Here is the David Choe movie trailer by Harry Kim that really put Choe on the map:

Not only is this an opportunity to buy a real David Choe painting but you don’t have to pay auction house or gallery commissions either.  This is just between you and me with no middleman.  Free shipping even.

Your cash is going to a great cause too.  This painting is being sold to fund the Vashon Island Marijuana Entrepreneurs Alliance.  The marijuana trade organization was started last year to do farm organizing here in rural Washington State. The island where I live outside Seattle is known for its exceptional sustainably farmed food crops.  When marijuana was legalized here in Washington, it became very apparent that legal marijuana would be a great cash crop to complement food crops on small family farms.  Marijuana sells for so much more than organic food crops, the income from marijuana alone can save the family farm.  The marijuana income removes the price pressures from the food crops so they can be grown organically and harvested at a time when it is best for nutrition rather than market forces.  This is the vision of VIMEA; to foster a small island environment where great food and fabulous marijuana grow side by side.

You can see me speak about this topic here:

I have been running the organization from my savings since last fall.  Legal marijuana really isn’t an implemented reality in Washington State yet.  Raising money from an industry before it even starts presents challenges.  When the law was passed, it should have included money for folks like me working to help farmers and entrepreneurs understand the new opportunities and support them in moving forward. The David Choe painting sale will allow VIMEA to continue its work until a proper income stream can be found. Now that it is legal, those of us on the front lines of implementing the law still really need resources to make sure Washington can be a good example of marijuana legalization and not a cautionary tale.  This is American marijuana agriculture we are building here.

If you are interested in knowing more about VIMEA, these are for you:

Further details about the art:

Artist - David Choe
Title - Untitled (Nice Sweater)
Edition - Original Painting, 1/1
Size - 12 x 12 inches
Medium - Paint on cardboard, unframed
Condition - Excellent, as sold by artist.  Naturally urban rough.  See detailed photos.
Provenance - BLVD Gallery, Seattle, WA
Year – 2006

Also included is a David Choe improved white t-shirt that I wore under my collared shirt to the opening.  After I bought the painting, I asked Dave to draw on my shirt and he certainly did.  He wrote in black marker the words “DAVE CHOE RUINS SHIRTS” and drew an image.  The shirt was brand new that night in 2006 and has not been worn since.  It has not been washed or ironed so the ink as fresh as possible.  The ink has certainly bled over the 8 years since then and the white is not so bright anymore but it’s the real deal and it is very cool so make sure to view the photos carefully.  I will not iron the shirt before shipping so you can preserve as you wish.  Size XL white Calvin Klein undershirt.

The auction is for two items.  Both the unframed painting and the marker drawn on shirt.

Shipping: I want you to have your painting as you soon possible so you can indulge yourself.  Federal Express Next Day Service included free in the selling price.  I will ship after your payment is confirmed through Paypal.  The painting will be wrapped , um…what should I say Gigi?

Thanks for your interest in the sale.

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