Vashon Island has been producing high quality cannabis flowers and hash for generations.
Our preparations are time tested and the locals depend on them for physical and mental relief.  
Below is a partial list of our island's legal marijuana producers.

Vashon Botanical Society

VBS releases ultra-premium versions of commonly prescribed cannabis medicine.  Their first two releases are an exceptionally fine cannabis wax and a frozen-extracted whole plant botanical cannabis tincture in 95% ethylene for ultra purity.  Their tincture preparation preserves the full complement of THC, CBD and terpenes.   It smells and tastes fabulous too with nothing added!

Look for Vashon Botanical Society products at finer medical dispensaries in Washington State and at Island Cure Collective on Vashon Island.



Vashon Seed & Mercantile

VS&M breeds custom strains that you cannot find anywhere else.  This is authentic artisan cannabis.  The strains from Vashon Seed are carefully crafted and properly finished and they are always produced without petroleum based pesticides or fertilizers.  Organic only.

VS&M flowers are a real treat.  More common to find though is their line of seeds available to patients at many medical marijuana dispensaries throughout Washington State and here on Vashon Island at Island Cure Collective.  Take a little of Vashon Island home with you.


Reagents Royale

RR caters to an elite clientele of medical marijuana oil enthusiasts.  Many patients who need to medicate 24 hours a day for pain relief, depend on RR for the highest potency and purity.  You can find their extractions at Washington State medical dispensaries that specialize is concentrated medicine and also on Vashon Island at Island Cure Collective.